Apartments in Costa Rica


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Apartment Style A

  • Apartments with living area from 526 ft2 to 620 ft2
  • Apartments in Costa Rica
  • 1 Parking
  • 1 Warehouse
  • Room with access to Balcony, Private bathroom and Open Kitchen
  • In line Dining Room
  • Half bathroom for visitors
  • Laundry area or independent battery

Apartment Style B

  • Apartments with private area from 834 ft2 to 1037 ft2.
  • 1 parking. (Possibility of buying a second parking lot.)
  • 1 Warehouse.
  • Two rooms with private bathroom, the main room with balcony and dressing room.
  • In line dining room.
  • Large open kitchen.
  • Separate laundry area.
  • Half bath for visitors.
  • Costa Rica apartments

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Apartamentos Costa Rica